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FREE Kaaz T-Shirt or 40% off on extra can of gear oil with every lsd purchase. Please specify t-shirt size when ordering. If you prefer the discount on the gear oil, please order the item in the gear oil section under accessories. Promo ends April 30, 2017.

New Model recently introduced: Toyota Supra TT 6 Speed LSD & Ford Fiesta ST LSD

Achieve optimum performance with increased control and more flexibility using the Kaaz LSD. With a stable differential locking ability, the driver's accelerator input will give smooth and positive power transfer.

We have a variety of the Kaaz LSD in stock. You can find one suitable for your vehicle. If you can not find one for your application in this store, please contact us.

Enjoy "pure sports driving" as only Kaaz can offer!

PRODUCT NEWS! All models are now available in the Super Q version! Note: Super Q order requires about 4~5 days of prep time to treat the plates. Therefore all orders will be shipped within 5~6 days from the order date. If you do not see the Super Q version for the model you want, please email us.

ONLINE STORE NEWS! This online store can now accept international orders from most countries. Due to the complex order screening and freight arrangement, please allow 1 ~ 3 weeks for delivery. If you need the item sooner, please inquire direct by phone or email to expedite the order. For express order, please do not order through the online store. We can provide quick delivery if we process the order manually here.

Note: Most back order will be filled within 7~14 days unless the unit is completely out of stock in U.S. and in Japan. If the item you ordered is not in stock, you will be notified immediately for the order status and expected delivery date. Kaaz also offers installation service too. Please inquire for quote on differential and gear set installs.

***For purchase of individual option parts including overhaul kit, please inquire us by phone or e-mail. ***Photo used of the lsd units are not the exact item. Actual item may look different from the photo.

KAAZ USA is now located in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Please email all inquiries to sales@kaazonline.com or please call 888-522-KAAZ(5229)